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Welcome Message

We are glad to be welcoming your delighted presence for the 19th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care to be held on July 24-26, 2023 at Prague.

"Oncology Nursing 2023" gives an assembling platform for gathering and broadcasting valuable knowledge and researches of delegated scientists, researchers and speakers. We share the motive of accumulating scientists, researchers, oncology specialists, doctors, exhibitors, government and private laboratories and students to share their knowledge and awareness of science and society.

Worldwide congress on Oncology Nursing and Cancer care, envisions in excess of 500 members around the world with 

Thought inciting Keynote addresses 

Interactive Oral and Poster introductions 

Remarkable Exhibitions 

Knowledge enhancing workshops

Extravagant Sponsorship openings 

Media accomplices and Collaborators 

The fundamental focal point of oncology nursing is to quicken the interpretation of forefront revelation at the clinical level, and further advance universal logical collaboration, discussion and trade which will be helpful in gathering and exchanging information for better research and advancement in the life saving field of healthcare. Medicinal specialists, researchers, oncologists, physicians, pharmaceuticals, workforce, postdoctoral partners, government and private laboratories, medical device manufacturing companies, graduate and college understudies in the field of cancer research will get together to share and acquire new dimensions of the metastasis field which will be helpful in gaining early research results, a different aspect of the research field, insight into the recent developments in the medical fields and interactions to enhance the knowledge about the requirements and proportions waiting to be conquered.

This organized convocation aims to provide an uncommon stage for the essential research developments being made around the world in order to focus on the developments required to stand together and defeat the life-endangering virus by bringing new innovations to clinical practice. You are likewise welcome to recommend any theme, action or logical program you might want to see secured amid the Conference. Your dynamic commitment will be critical to the achievement of this disease meeting and its effect on our worldwide mission to anticipate, analyse and treat tumour. Together, we will end up being a more grounded voice and worldwide power with a definitive objective of restoring cancer. 


Accept our warm welcome to the enlightening gathering in Prague. 

Past Conference Report

Cancer Nursing Conference organising Committee arranged the 19th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care during July 24-26, 2023 at Prague which was organised under the theme “Pioneering Approaches and challenges in the era of Cancer research and Oncology Nursing”. We would like to present our heartiest acknowledgement to all the speakers and delegates whose support and active participation helped us in making the scientific conference successful with their insightful presentation, talks and interesting discussions.

Cancer Nursing 2019 pronounced itself with the extraordinary keynote presentations, various sessions and panel discussions. The collaboration of scientists, oncologists, professors, doctors, nurses and business delegates made this event to be one of the most successful and remarkable events of 2019.

The sessions included in the conference were:

Oncology Nursing

Breast Cancer


Colorectal cancers


The conference addressed various speakers who shared their high-quality knowledge on the field of cancer nursing which included speakers:

Dany Bell | Macmillan Cancer Support | UK

Dabbu Kumar Jaijyan | Rutgers University | USA

Cristiane da Silva Varejão | National Cancer Institute | Brazil

Jannis Born | Zurich Research Laboratory| Switzerland

Jyoti Somabhai Patel | Tata Memorial Hospital | India

Neha Karle | Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre | India

Philomena Ebere Ohazuruike | University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital |Nigeria

Surekha Stephen Dongerdive | Tata Memorial Hospital | India

Shanthi Satish Nair | Tata Memorial Hospital | India

Ehsan Shahverdi | University Medicine Greifswald | Germany

Marilyn Parkin | International College of Medical Intuition | Canada

Cancer Nursing Conference Organising Committee is honoured to have felicitated the Organizing Committee, Keynote Speakers and all the speakers whose support made this event a grand success. We would like to praise all the award winners for their meritorious performance in the field of cancer Nursing and are grateful to all

Subsequent to the success of Cancer Nursing 2019 Conference, we are thrilled to declare the initiation of the 17th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care.

Bookmark your dates: We hope to see you at Edinburgh, Scotland during March 04-05, 2020 for Cancer Nursing 2020.


Meet again @ Cancer Nursing 2023

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date July 24-26, 2023
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